Body and Cosmetic Components
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Rubber Fuel Tank Mount

P/N: 17506-918-000
Rear Fender Mount

P/N: 77201-918-000
Rubber Frame Grommet For Wiring Harness

P/N: 32984-918-000
Chrome Fuel Cap

P/N: 17610-102-730
Headlight Shells

P/N: 04305-918-000
Seat Latch Kit
Zinc Plated

P/N: VMS-123
Reproduction Front Fender

P/N: VMS-124
Full Decal Kit For The 70-71 ATC90

P/N: VMS-125
Rear Deck Fenders

P/N: VMS-126
70-71 ATC90
Reproduction Seat Cover

P/N: VMS-127
72-73 ATC90
Reproduction Seat Cover

P/N: VMS-128
Fuel Tank Hold Down Strap

P/N: VMS-132
1970-71 Fuel Tank Badge


P/N: 87123-918-000
1974 Reproduction Rear Fender

P/N: 80100-942-000BB
1974-78 Front Mud Flap

P/N: 61111-942-000
Set of White Tank Badges for the 1970-71 ATC 90 ~ OEM

P/N: VMS-134
Fender Protectors - Pair

P/N: 80106-918-010
Fuel Tank Strap - OEM

P/N: 17505-918-000
Aquarious Blue Fuel Tank ~ NOS

P/N: 17500-918-154EL
Chrome Headlight Mount for 1970-71 ATC90.

P/N: 04504-918-000XW
Daytona Orange Fuel Tank ~ 1974 ATC90 Only. New in Honda Box

P/N: 17500-942-000BB